This blade is 1/16″ thick 440C.  Designed for Walter V., this is the fourth knife I’ve made for him over […]

Chef’s Knife 10

This was for Aryn.  It was supposed to be a graduation gift but we gave it to her early at […]

Kitchen Carver 1

This blade is forged from a long strip of O1 that was a drop from a stock removal knife that […]

Chef’s Knife 9

Blade: CPMS30V Hardness: 60-61 Rc Blade Length: 8″ Blade Thickness: 1/8″ Grind: Flat, Etched Handle: Hardwood, Stained, Polymerized Tung Oil […]

Chef’s Knife 8

Specifications: Blade: 1/16″ Thick 440C Stainless Steel, Flat Grind, 6″ Edge Handle: Maple Burl, Stained, Polymerized Tung Oil, Brass Corby’s […]

Chef’s Knife 1

   Technical Specifications: Blade: CPM S30V Hardness: 61 Rc Blade length: 6-1/2″ Blade thickness: 3/32″ Grind: Flat, Polished Handle: Stabilized […]